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After Dre called her persistently for two straight weeks, she finally agreed to go out with him.

Dre” Young, both before and during his time with groundbreaking South Central LA rap group NWA. “When I say that he gave me five black eyes, I mean three solid [black eyes] and the other two were bruises because I learned how to duck and dodge,” she says. If you don’t have that stability when you’re young, it shapes the man that you become.” And Toussaint says it doesn’t offend her when people make comparisons between the abuse she allegedly took from Dre and the name of his brand of headphones: Beats. “Dre told his version of the story [in ‘Straight Outta Compton’] so I should have the right to tell my story.” [Dre strongly denies the abuse allegations and has threatened legal action against Sony, the producer of “Surviving Compton.”] Toussaint narrates “Surviving Compton,” in which she’s played by Rhyon Nicole Brown. “I think Suge is going to take the movie a lot better than Dre,” she says. The movie covers her relationship with Dre (Curtis Hamilton) — they have a 25-year-old son — and with Marion “Suge” Knight, played by R. Ren also mentioned Dre actually was more serious about production back in the day, and explained the difference between Dre as a producer and Dre as an MC. “He’s like so serious when he’s doing the music, doing the tracks and all of that.When he writing…he would have other people write for him, and then sometimes he’d just pick up the pen and write. He rarely picked up the pen and wrote.” Other topics discussed range from Parliament-Funkadelic’s influence to Ruthless Records’ diverse roster.

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