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Clooney's reputation as a bachelor is fully cemented in people's minds. Unless he really is straight.[quote]if he's gay, why would he be getting married?So why get married at this point--it's not like he's some young gun in Hollywood trying to establish himself and get acting roles? Please get back to this thread on the day after the wedding. Variety of reasons (I only met 2 of them), but standing in business-their career was the main one. Someone bloody world-famous like Clooney; I am only surprised that he hasn't gotten (re-married; remember Talia Balsam) married BEFORE this.When George pulled into his driveway, Rande "came from around the bushes driving George's lawnmower and pulled up beside George's car while Cindy was nearby in the garden cutting fresh flowers." Luckily, the source tells E! "Only "close friends" were invited to celebrate with George, who launched his premium tequila company with Rande in 2013."Amal had everyone come for dinner and to drink Casamigos.In the caption, George's business partner thanked Amal for providing the "cool cake."It wasn't just a party for George, as Amal included his business partner."Amal made it a joint birthday celebration," the source says, "since Rande's birthday was just a couple of weeks ago.""George had the best time celebrating his birthday with his best friends, and he was genuinely surprised," the source reveals.She also had this great cake made replicating the Casamigos Tequila bars from their houses in Mexico." Rande, who turned 55 on Apr.

The 39-year-old barrister threw a surprise 56th birthday party for her husband George Clooney at their home in London Saturday, E! Their pals Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber flew from L. to London Thursday to help Amal prepare for the celebration."Amal set it all up, and Rande and Cindy surprised George when he got home Saturday," a source explains.The area has been named a UNESCO world heritage site.If you want to go yachting, fishing or golfing, Lake Como offers the best.What makes the Italian lakes region between Milan and Switzerland so appealing to prestigious Italians and foreigners alike, such as Clooney, Versace, and Virgin CEO Richard Branson?Of course the residence Clooney bought in 2001 for about million is spectacular and has served as a getaway as well as a location for parts of his blockbuster Oceans Twelve film with Brad Pitt, for Omega ads Clooney did, and for portraits of him shot by Annie Leibovitz.

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Cindy, 51, shared an Instagram photo Monday, joking, "We can always count on him for the photobomb."Amal did not appear in any of the photos Cindy or Rande shared publicly.

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