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Supporters of Concerned Student 1950 celebrate following University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe’s resignation announcement Monday, Nov.

9, 2015, at the protest movement’s camp area in Columbia, Mo.

In 2010, Durham police began investigating Myspace and Facebook profiles to enforce the law. “Even with these assumptions about the scope of the law and the State’s interest, the statute here enacts a prohibition unprecedented in the scope of First Amendment speech it burdens,” Kennedy’s ruling states.

Investigators said they found a picture of Packingham on Facebook and determined he created the profile page, according to court documents. “Social media allows users to gain access to information and communicate with one another about it on any subject that might come to mind.” Though the ruling was unanimous, with new Justice Neil Gorsuch not participating, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas cautioned that Kennedy's "loose rhetoric" could prevent states from taking any measures to restrict convicted sex offenders on the internet.

Victims willing to use their real names attached to real stories? Soon, they were on the front page of This past summer, when New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Missouri senator Claire Mc Caskill announced a bipartisan bill to reform and strengthen many of the laws regarding the issue, Clark and Pino were on the dais with them. “You just learned to live with it, like living with the risk of earthquakes,” says Michele Dauber, a law professor at Stanford who consulted with Clark and Pino and whose own work at her university has been a model for reform.

When the two women first showed up earlier in the year, unannounced, in Gillibrand’s Capitol Hill office and said, “Let’s talk about ending sexual assault on campus,” the staff was unsure what to make of them. Once they heard their stories, though, they knew their boss had to meet with them. “Students were told, ‘You should protect yourself,’ but there wasn’t much effort to change the culture.”Such change took shape quietly and came from an unlikely place.

“Basically,” Clark says of her conversations, “they laughed at us.”How were two 20-somethings with no legal background, no money, and no formal organization going to take on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the country’s top educational institutions, on such a difficult topic? Wasn’t that the law created to ensure that women’s sports on campus got as much money as men’s sports?

The university, they said, was doing a terrible job both preventing and handling sexual assault, and they intended to do something about it.

(Nick Schnelle/Columbia Daily Tribune via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT Over the past several weeks, I’ve been observing the convulsions at Yale (my alma mater) and the University of Missouri, curious both about the culture of higher education and the way searching conversations about race in America have played out in college and university settings.

Yale students have been pushing for the renaming of Calhoun College (one of its residential communities) for someone other than the architect of the philosophy behind secession that lead to the Civil War, and the university has seen the departures of a number of prominent black faculty members, moves that some have interpreted as a sign that Yale fails to develop and retain professors of color.

“As a result, the Court must exercise extreme caution before suggesting that the First Amendment provides scant protection for access to vast networks in that medium.” The justices sent the case back to the state Supreme Court to reverse its earlier decision.

“In sum, to foreclose access to social media altogether is to prevent the user from engaging in the legitimate exercise of First Amendment rights,” Kennedy’s ruling states. Packingham was convicted in May 2012 of violating the 2008 social media ban and received a suspended sentence and probation.

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