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Paypal seems to receive a 404 error when sending the payment confirmation through, until the customer hits "Return to the Merchant's site", then everything sorts itself out.But this is not good, as we cannot be sure the customer will do so.I couldn’t find a good example of a Ruby on Rails Paypal Website Payments Standard implementation that I could open the hood and dig around in.The majority of the ones I found were partially implemented, geared at Website Payments Pro (/month), or were commercial products.

Because returning to the merchant's site is an action that will only happen if the customer specifically clicks a link, there is no guarantee that the Odoo order confirmation page will ever be accessed.1 Note the 404 messages in the server logs below which start appearing once you have clicked "Pay" in paypal.Once you then click on "return to Sellers Website" the IPN comes through and gets processed ok.But, Paypal doesnt provide Seller protection on the transactions that are made on the Website.. Hello Haseeb, We unfortunately do not have much information on Seller protection.I have checked with a couple of my customers as well to confirm - i.e, they ordered on my website, it went throug perfectly fine and I receieved the amount, but Seller Protection was somehow ineligible.. You can information at the Paypal site regarding Seller Benefits.

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If you check out that link for the IPN API they have a good explanation of why you might want to use it: Instant Payment Notification (IPN) notifies merchants almost instantly about transaction events, such as: Payments received, including Express Checkout, and Adaptive Payments. e Check payments and related pending, completed, or denied status events. It works perfectly fine, and I get seller protection verification on every transaction that is made..

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