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Kamali Academy African-Center Online Curriculum – An African-centered curriculum that focuses on mental math, African history and other academic subject.The Married Mommy – This blog has homeschooling section with a ton of great videos on teaching your kids to sew.They didn’t wonder how my kids would know how to be quiet when they were supposed to or to wait in lines when they have to. Learnin’, schmlearning- those kids need to be among herds of other kids their exact age in order to learn how to be normal.

He was now the second generation of Harris’s to make a mark in homeschool circles.Many thought we were already homeschooling, in fact.What surprised me most though is that folks who concerned about the prudence of such a decision weren’t worried that my children might not learn enough or the the right things.African American Homeschool Moms – a blog with Black TED Talk videos, curriculum resources, a thriving Facebook Community and tips on the logistics of homeschooling. Kids can learn most European languages (including Spanish) as well as Vietnamese.Duo Lingo is also promising a Swahili program due out in December 2016.

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